Remove YouTube Comments and Replace it with Reddit

YouTube comments used to be great and really entertaining to read. Then, Google+ happened and the entire commenting system was replaced with Google+ comments. (Almost) Everyone hated it, but Google still wouldn’t change it. However, if you are a Redditor, all you need is a simple extension to bring Reddit to YouTube.


AlienTube is an extension available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera, which replaces YouTube’s default Google+ comments with comments from Reddit where the video has been posted.

AlienTube displays a list of subreddits where the video has been posted. You can also interact with the comments: read them, upvote or downvote them, save them and even gild them. You can also revert back to Google+ comments and back to reddit comments without reloading the page and losing progress on the video you are watching.

Even if you weren’t a redditor, you would prefer Reddit’s comments to YouTube’s comments. Also, if you own any video, you can check how much Reddit is talking about it by simply monitoring the comments on Reddit, using this extension.

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