16 Jun 2013

Find Music Similar to your Taste on the Internet

Here is how you can find music and artists similar to the ones you like, easily with these fantastic online web services.

14 Jun 2013

How to find the List of Websites Hosted on a Server

How to find the list of websites that are sharing your server space with you.

07 Jun 2013

Surf through the Streets of Liberty City with Street View

Liberty City, the city of sins in the Grand Theft Auto series, can now be thoroughly explored (in the safety of your home) with Street View!

01 Jun 2013

Twitter now supports Drag and Drop Photo Uploads

Twitter now supports drag and drop of photos as status updates

26 May 2013

Free up disk space by deleting older System Restore Points

If you are short of space, then you can save lot of hdd space by deleting system restores. Here is how to do that without putting your system at risk.

26 May 2013

Use a Proxy if your YouTube video loads slowly

If your YouTube experience is hindered by slow video loading, then you can use a Proxy service to load YouTube videos more faster.

24 May 2013

Control YouTube with three buttons (and other YouTube shortcuts)

YouTube's new interface change also changed the way the player behaves. Use the secret keyboard shortcut keys to control the YouTube player effortlessly.

23 May 2013

How to block a particular device from accessing your Wi-Fi

If you want to block certain devices from connecting to your WiFi, here is a simple tutorial that will help you do that easily.

21 May 2013

How to download online Flash games

There is a very simple way to download online flash content that you can use offline. This can include online flash games or any content for that matter.

13 May 2013

Microsoft Security Essentials is no good. Install a good anti-virus instead.

I’ve been using Microsoft Security Essentials on my XP and Windows 7 (and also my brief time in Windows 8 – where Security Essentials is built in). It served me well, even earning my recommendation to many friends and family members. MSE is as simple as an antivirus can get – no cluttered interface, simple UI, fast update and quick scanning. In fact, the UI is so simple I even began doubting the actual working of the product. But it just works. I liked it and so did my XP computer with less RAM, as did my Windows 7 laptop, as MSE wasn’t a battery drainer.