16 Jul 2013

How to know if your Wi-Fi signal has Interference from other Networks

If you have many wireless connections near your area, your network probably suffers from their interference. Here is how you can see which frequencies are populated and switch to a less crowded one.

14 Jul 2013

25 Websites to Read and Download Comics for Free, Legally

If you like to read comics, here are some website that lets you read and download comic books and strips, legally.

13 Jul 2013

Encode Secret Messages and Send it without any Encryption

If you would like to send secret messages without arousing suspicion that encrypted emails do, then use this service to send them in another form.

13 Jul 2013

How to get a song out of your head

If you have a song stuck in your head, here are some ways you can get it out, instead of losing friends, singing it again and again. and again.

11 Jul 2013

Know the Complexity of a Website's Design Easily with Firefox

If you want to know how complicated a websites design is, Firefox has the right tool for you. No coding knowledge required.

10 Jul 2013

How to not Spoil your Laptop Battery through Continuous Charging

If you keep your laptop charged even after it is fully charged, you could be damaging its battery life. Here is a simple method to prevent such occurrences.

08 Jul 2013

How to know which Mail Server an email is using

If you come across an email from a domain, you can easily determine which mail server that email is using

07 Jul 2013

Get Updates without subscribing to your Carrier's plans

Do you subscribe to your carrier's plans to get sports, news or celebrity updates? There is another way to get these SMS updates, for free, without hassle.

06 Jul 2013

How to know which websites are tracking you online (and how)

Websites use trackers, cookies. beacons, widgets, etc to track your online presence. You can use a simple browser extension to detect and block them.

28 Jun 2013

How to Recover Deleted Torrent Downloads

If your torrent data is accidentally deleted, then here is a simple method to restore them back