25 Aug 2013

How to Properly Research Before Buying Anything Online

You need to properly research before buying anything online, to avoid regretting about it later. Here are some ways to research about your interest online.

21 Aug 2013

How to Transfer Torrent Downloads from One Computer to Another

If you want to switch your torrent downloads from one computer to another, here is a simple method that works on all clients.

19 Aug 2013

Top 15 IFTTT Recipes to Make Your Life Easier

Here are 15 recipes which are immensely useful and is guaranteed to make your life - offline and online, easier

13 Aug 2013

Prevent Windows Live Writer from Uploading Multiple Versions of Same Image to Wordpress

If you use Windows Live Writer for blogging and upload images, note that it uploads multiple versions of the same image. Here is how to disable it.

02 Aug 2013

How to Secure Your Devices After They Have Been Stolen

If you want to track your devices after they have been stolen, this app can do it right, and for free. It also works for all your devices, including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, Linux, etc.

31 Jul 2013

How to Pin Websites to your Taskbar or Quick Launch for Easier Access

If you would like to access your web apps and websites faster, pin them to your task bar or quick launch with these methods. You can pin them up through Internet Explorer, or any other browser or even open them as a pop up!

30 Jul 2013

The Best way to use Computer at Night without Straining your Eyes

If your eyes are constantly strained by watching your monitor for too long (and they probably are), Flux is an app that reduces your monitors color to make it safe.

24 Jul 2013

Use AdBlock Plus to Remove Social Buttons and Trackers from the Web

The new version of Adblock Plus brings features such as blocking all sharing buttons and also preventing you from being tracked by any analytics programs

22 Jul 2013

How to browse the Internet consuming the least Data as Possible

If you are on a limited data (internet) connection, you need to constantly monitor your internet usage. Use these tips to minimize consumption as much as possible.

21 Jul 2013

How to turn off your Monitor without using it's Built in buttons

If you have a laptop or if your monitor's buttons are broken, then you can turn your monitor off by simply running a command or by clicking an icon. As simple as that!