03 Oct 2013

Easily Access your Apps and Websites with Chrome App Launcher

If you would like to access your apps easily, use Chrome app launcher in your desktop. Its awesome and insanely useful.

28 Sep 2013

How to Make your Computer Narrate Long Pages of Text

You can easily go through long articles both offline and online by listening to them or also saving them as mp3 audio files for later use.

19 Sep 2013

Hide Last Seen in Whatsapp For all Phones

If you do not want whatsapp to show the time you were last online, follow these methods to disable the "last seen" feature of whatsapp.

17 Sep 2013

How to Check if a Computer is Online

If you want to spy on other computers, here is a simple tip on how to check if a computer is online, even from your mobile phone.

15 Sep 2013

Make YouTube Buffer Videos When Paused and Other Incredible Things to Make YouTube Awesome

The new YouTube doesn't buffer videos when you pause a video and also reloads the video when you want to rewatch it again. Here is a fix to solve the issue.

08 Sep 2013

Get Better Ads Served to You from Google

Set your Ads Settings in Google to get better ads in Google websites and on the outside internet too.

08 Sep 2013

Do Websites Share Information with Google for Ads? Yes. They do.

Some shopping websites are allowing Google to look into the browsing history of the user to deliver more relevant ads to them. Is privacy dead?

06 Sep 2013

Make your Facebook and Twitter Profile Interview-Ready within a Few Minutes

If you are about to go for a job interview, make sure to clean up your Facebook and twitter profile, to get an extra edge over the other candidates

06 Sep 2013

How to Automatically Download New Episodes Of Your Favorite Sitcoms

If you cannot afford to miss out even on a single sitcom, here is a simple way to automatically download an episode when it is released.

03 Sep 2013

Use this Simple Tool to Repair Your Network with One Click

Here is a lightweight simple tool which can repair your network instantly, by running a few essential commands quickly.