22 Jan 2014

Verify and Authenticate a File by Checking its MD5 and SHA1 hash

If you aren't sure whether a file is the same one which you downloaded from the internet, use MD5 and SHA1 hashes to check the files integrity and authenticate the file.

11 Jan 2014

The Best Android Browser to Browse with Maximum Privacy

If you are looking for a state-of-the-art browser dedicated to provide you the maximum privacy you can get from any android browser, here it is.

14 Dec 2013

Gmail will now Automatically Show the Images on your Emails

Gmail has now started to show all your images in your emails automatically, without you having to click on "Show Images". This greatly affects email marketers, analytics, trackers. Read more to find out.

06 Dec 2013

Play YouTube in the Background on Android Devices

If you need to play YouTube videos in the background on your Android phone, here are two apps which does the job for you.

17 Nov 2013

Apps and Services to Manage and Help Keep Track of your Time

Here are some apps and online services which will make your more productive by managing your time and helping you keep track on how it is spent.

01 Nov 2013

Replace your Messaging app with Nexus 5’s Hangout App

Android KitKat does away with the Messaging App and uses Hangouts app instead. The new version of this app is a big improvement. Download it now.

01 Nov 2013

Browse More Efficiently with Vertical Tree Tabs

Your browsing experience can increase multiple folds if you switch from horizontal to vertical tabs. Here are some extensions.

26 Oct 2013

Watch YouTube Videos Without Distraction and Plugins

You can watch youtube videos distraction free, thanks to a new YouTube beta which also gives you a much faster video loading time.

16 Oct 2013

Don’t Allow Google to Use You For Their Advertisements

Google's new policy change enables it to show your face along with its ads. Here is how to put a stop to that.

12 Oct 2013

Extract Pictures From a GIF Animation

GIF animations are really awesome. But have you come across a GIF animation file on the internet, but wanted only a single picture extracted from it? You’re in luck, because that’s exactly what I am going to show you here.