13 Mar 2014

How to Send Fax Online for Free

Here is how you can send faxes to any international number, for free.

10 Mar 2014

Does your Android really need an Anti-Virus app?

There are many apps on the play store which are malicious. But does that answer the most important question - Do you really need an antivirus for android?

27 Feb 2014

Here is how your Search History is used to Display Ads

Have you found ads which show you things you have been searching for before? Creepy, yes! Here is how they use your search history and work to monetize you!

26 Feb 2014

How to Read Long Pages of Text Very Quickly

If you need to go through long pages of text on your computer, internet or your phone, here are some apps which allow you to read much faster, both online and offline.

17 Feb 2014

The Best Way to Host a GIF or Embed it to your site

Gifs take up too long to load and are in very low detail. Here is a way to use them to their maximum benefit. (hint: HTML5)

15 Feb 2014

Use VLC Player to Play YouTube Videos

VLC Player can easily play YouTube with much advanced controls than the standard YouTube player. Use VLC instead of YouTube's player!

12 Feb 2014

Adjust your Monitor Settings without its Physical Buttons

If your monitor's physical buttons are damaged or you are too lazy to change your monitor settings physically, here are the "software" ways to do it

10 Feb 2014

Flappy Bird can now teach you to type Faster

Flappy bird is now redeveloped by a fan as a browser app to help you to learn to type faster. Be warned: it is even more difficult than the original version.

09 Feb 2014

Using VLC Player can cause Damage to your Speakers

Dell has announced that it will not provide warranty for your laptop if you use VLC media player, accusing it of causing damage. Is it true?

08 Feb 2014

How to Stay Social on the Internet

More like an introvert's guide to be social on the internet, this guide elaborates on how to be social enough for the internet today.