12 May 2013

How to detect and block users with Adblock installed

If your website depends mainly on advertising revenue, tell it to your users who have Adblock installed. Here is how to install Antiblock script on your website.

03 May 2013

Google Authorship wont work, if you are under 18

If you under 18 years of age, Google authorship won't be displayed for your website, even after you have set it up correctly.

24 Apr 2013

Should you use Google+ Comments for Wordpress?

Google+ comments has been made available for WordPress. Should you ditch your current commenting system and use Google+ for WordPress?

07 Apr 2013

How to Create a Cool Profile Picture for Google+

Here is how to create a cool animated profile picture for Google Plus that looks like photographs from Harry Potter

21 Mar 2013

How to get twitter updates of custom reddits

You can keep yourself updated by configuring a dummy twitter profile to tweet about the updates from reddits. All newer updates of Reddit will then be tweeted by this account, which you can follow from your twitter account.

21 Mar 2013

Google Accidently Bans Digg from Search

An error from Google's side had ended up eliminating Digg from Google's search results. Diggs traffic falls down 23% because of this.Are other websites or blogs immune to this error?

20 Mar 2013

Install Adblock Plus to remove ads on Android, though its not available in Play store

Adblock Plus was removed from the Play store after policy violations. However, the publishers have released a apk of the app which can be installed for free, independent of the Play store

19 Mar 2013

How to Extend the Battery Life of your Phone

Here are some tips that will help you extend the battery life of your phone - be it Android, iOS, Windows Phone, or even a feature phone.

16 Mar 2013

Reasons why you should not move from Google Reader yet

Google announced that it is closing down its RSS reader service. But wait, don't shift out yet. Here are some reasons why you should wait for a while before moving out.

14 Mar 2013

How to use the computer at night without eye strain

If you strain your eyes by using your computer at night, here are some tips for using your computer without hurting your eyes, even during web browsing