How to Use Facebook Chat without News Feed

Facebook is more than a platform where people share status updates – it is also a robust platform for people to chat. However, due to it being a social networking site, any visit to Facebook is anti-productive. It is easy to get lost in a barrage of updates from friends and family.

Facebook Messenger is Facebook’s app meant only for Messaging purposes. The app is available for almost all mobile platforms. However, if you wish to take your conversations to your desktop, then you have the social version of Facebook, with news feeds and Farmville requests. There is no stand-alone version of Facebook Messenger for Desktop.

Deface to Show Facebook Chat only

This is where Deface comes in. Deface is an open source add-on for Firefox and Chrome, which blacks out every part of Facebook, except for Facebook chat.

Deface works by removing everything except your Facebook chat. It also increases the size of your chat boxes. There is also an option to “quick peek” into your Facebook News feed.

Deface is always on, by default. However, if you wish to disable it or enable it, click on the d logo on the top left of your screen.

Download Deface for Firefox and Chrome

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