Check if your Website is Being Shared on Reddit

Reddit is one of the top 30 websites of the world (source: alexa) and if your website is shared on a popular subreddit, you are bound to get a lot of eyeballs to your content.

There is no absolute method to check if your website or blog is getting popular on Reddit. Usually, if it does get popular, you would be able to see a large spike of users from Reddit on your website’s analytics. However, there is another way to check if your website is being shared on Reddit.


To check for all the URLs submitted on Reddit from your website (say:, then go to the URL where is your website’s address.

The resulting page displays a list of all URLs submitted by users which are from your website. Now, this is just a reddit search result. If you have the appropriate knowledge, you can data mine from this list and maintain a constantly updating list of URLs shared on reddit. All of this can also be done using Google Scripts.

Do note that this list only contains posts submitted by users. Your website may even be submitted in comments of other posts, which maynot be displayed here. In that case, you have to simply rely on your website’s analytics to help you trace visitors from Reddit. If your website’s analytics isn’t good enough, simply switch over to Google’s Analytics.

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