Abhilash Rejanair is a casual technology blogger, who founded TechCovered - a popular technology blog. He is currently an engineering student, pursuing a degree in B.E. He currently lives in Bangalore.

Techcovered was founded as a technology blog, covering all aspects of technology (hence the name - Tech Covered). The website now revolves around how-to guides, tips and tricks to get things done easier, and also occasional articles on news and other trivial topics.

TechCovered was started on the month of July 2011, on Blogger (the old website) and is now shifted to the WordPress (self hosted) platform due to several issues and benefits of WordPress over Blogger.

[Update: Ironically, the blog has shifted from Wordpress to Jekyll due to many reasons]

You can contact Abhilash any time you want. He will respond to (almost) all your tweets. If you have any queries or tips, do tweet. For any other formal or more detailed queries, do send him an email.

**Twitter  **: @thatabhi

Google+ : Abhilash Rejanair

Email (on more important occasions): abhilash@techcovered.org