Reasons why you should not move from Google Reader yet

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March 16, 2013

Google announced its plans to close down Google Reader for good, from July 1st, 2013. However, unlike other Google-product-closure announcements, this created a lot of anger around the internet, with hundreds of tweets and almost the same number of blog posts venting out against Google and also giving out a list of alternatives to Google Reader.

Google Reader retires

But don’t move away from Reader just yet! Here are the reasons why:

1) Better alternates are on its way:

When Google Reader’s announcement came out, other online feed readers, namely Feedly, etc. sighed a heave of relief as they were much far behind Google Readers user base. Feedly even promised a seamless, smooth transition from reader. Many liked it, many didn’t. For starter, they have feedly for everything – Android, iOS, Firefox, Chrome, Safari. So you might actually end up liking them there.

Since this article isn’t really about other Reader alternatives, here is a list of them:

Another reader worth mentioning is Digg’s yet-to-be-named reader, which they are working on, promising a worthy replacement. If you don’t like any of these readers, waiting for Digg (and many other on-the-way readers) might as well be worth the wait, while you are using Google Reader till July.

2) Google may change its mind and not close it:

While this is highly unlikely, chances are that Google may change its mind and not close down Reader. Reasons? Because the whole internet is scorning at Google, in Twitter (see picture), Blog posts, and even in many national media newspapers.

Another reason is Google Reader has a bigger user base than Google+. There is also an online petition with as many as 107,000+ signatures opposing the removal of Google Reader (Don’t forget to sign the petition yourself!).

3) Social media cannot replace RSS:

If you think your Facebook/twitter account can compensate for the lack of RSS reader, then you are making a mistake. Your Facebook/twitter account (when subscribed to any other blog/source) may or may not display any new content on a website, and instead, may display many other useless updates, like promotional offers, what the blog/website author had for lunch, etc.

Also see: How to subscribe to RSS in any sub-reddit

So, With another 100+ days to go before Google Reader actually shuts down, I suggest you enjoy the last days with the beloved Reader, until you find someone new who is worth your love and won’t ditch you and leave you forever.  :sob:

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