The Best Android Browser to Browse with Maximum Privacy

January 11, 2014

If you are often worried about your privacy and always paranoid if someone would go through your browsing history on your mobile device, a safe option is to always delete your browsing history, cache, cookies and other data every time you complete your browsing session. However, that would prove to be too tedious for you to do every time you use your mobile browser.


Dolphin Zero is a one of its kind privacy browser, where every time you quit the browser, it automatically “shreds” all your data, including your browsing history, the data you entered in forms, your stored passwords, cookies from websites and other cached data. Dolphin Zero is derived from its mother browser, Dolphin for Android, which is an award winning browser in terms of speed and stability, so expect nothing less from Dolphin Zero.

To emphasize on privacy, the default search engine in Dolphin Zero is none other than (guess?) Duck Duck Go, which claims to be the only search engine which protects user’s privacy. However, you also have an option to change the search engine to Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Unlike other browsers, which have the “Do Not Track” disabled by default, Dolphin Zero has enabled it by default, though the functionality of this option depends on whether the website you visit honors this option or not. Also, unlike the original Dolphin Browser, the Zero does not offer tabbed browsing.

However, do keep it in your mind that using this browser offers only limited privacy on the whole, and your total privacy would depend on your ISP, the websites you visit, and also your friendly-neighborhood government intelligence agency.

Dolphin Zero – Play Store

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