How to Check if a Computer is Online

September 17, 2013

How would you like to know if somebody’s computer is turned on, at any given time*. You can use this to, say, check whether your kids are using the computer, or check if your boyfriend/girlfriend is lying about doing something else but is online, or check if your friends are online for a gaming session, etc.

TeamViewer is an incredible powerful and useful remote management tool which lets you remote control other computers (with the other user permission 0f course). The software is free for personal use but requires payment for commercial use. We will be using TeamViewer to check whether a particular computer is online or not.

First, you need a TeamViewer account. To create one, simply download TeamViewer for your device and then click on “Sign up” to register yourself. To check on a particular computer, it is important for that computer to have TeamViewer installed too. Once teamviewer is installed on both computers, the target computer’s ID should be noted down.


On your TeamViewer account, Click on the “Add a computer” button and type the ID of the target computer. Type in an alias to identify the computer and click Ok.

That’s it! Now whenever the target computer comes online, you will be able to see it with an online indication in TeamViewer. Since TeamViewer is also available for Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, Windows Phone 8, you can also check a computer’s status in mobile devices or other OSes.

For more accuracy, it is recommended the target computer sets TeamViewer to Start with Windows boot. Also, if the other computer user wants to, he can set his status as “Show as Offline”, but since majority people are not even aware of this, it is unlikely somebody will mark their status as so.

[*]TeamViewer needs to be running in the background

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