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June 16, 2013

If you happen to like a song and want a list of songs similar to it, then the internet is the best place to do so. Here are some online web services that let you find music similar for your taste. Here are the services, in decreasing order of performance:


There is a reason why gets mentioned every time someone mentions “similar music” on the internet. It is because is the only service that provides an exhaustive list of similar music. To search for similar music, type the song/artist name in the search bar. When you proceed to the right song/artist page, click on “More about this track” and then click on the  “similar tracks” heading, to find a huge list of similar music

grooveshark-radiob) Grooveshark Radio

Grooveshark is the awesome website that streams the songs you want, for free. It is the website version of spotify, but its web based, free, and borderline legal. Not only does Grooveshark recommend song, but also plays them for you. Why second? Because the similar music function is not that perfect.

To get similar music, search for the music and then play it. Click on the queue and turn on the radio.

You can also personalize your radio more by either liking or disliking a particular song.

c) Spotiseek

Remember the days when mix tape used to exist? Spotify does exactly this. It creates a mix tape of various similar songs by similar artists, for spotify. However, you can view the generated playlist without the need of having spotify installed or without even having an account at all.

However, only 16 songs are listed by default. Click on the “Replace” link to replace the song with another similar one. You can also easily import this playlist to spotify.


d) YouTube

YouTube can also be used to get similar music, but with an extra effort. Just type the name of your music video (or if it doesn’t have a music video, a “lyrics” video will do too). In the “suggested” column at the right, your recommended music video awaits.


But wait! Sometimes, you also get unrelated videos, or suggestions of previous viewed songs. To refine your suggestions, you have to follow the steps below:

  • Don’t login to your YouTube account when you want to find the recommendations.
  • Use Private Browsing or Incognito for every music video.

These steps are required so that YouTube doesn’t recommend other videos related to something else you previously watched.

e) Tune Glue

Tune Glue is a visual audio service, which lets you find similar bands (and hence, music) and then expand the similar bands, to eventually find more similar bands. With this service, you can dive deep into various bands and see how much they are related with your originally selected band.


The websites takes its data from, and also doesn’t recommend similar “music tracks” but only similar artists name. That’s the reason it occupies the last position.

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