How to get twitter updates of custom reddits

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March 21, 2013

If you are a redditor and you often go to Reddit’s homepage to update yourself, then you can make things more convenient by creating a twitter profile that will tweet all the updates from the custom reddits you chose.


The first step is to select the Reddit feeds that you would like to follow on twitter. It can be the front page of Reddit, or it can be a subreddit (like /r/technology for example). It can also be a collection of sub reddits  For example, if you want your twitter update to be about technology, adviceanimals, lifeprotips, todayilearned, etc.

To do this, you can use the following format to combine all of them:

To update your twitter account from these reddits, you need the RSS feed URL of them. To get the RSS feed, just append a .rss at the end of the URL.

To publish the feeds to URL, you need a service which publishes RSS feeds to tweets, like Twitterfeed for example. You also need to create a dummy twitter account which you will use to publish the tweets. After setting up your twitter account, signup at twitterfeed and create a new feed. Then, in the feed URL, enter the URL of your custom reddits.

That’s it! You are done! Twitter feed checks the feeds for new content every half an hour, so your dummy twitter account will always be updated with the latest news from these reddits. The account wont be populated right away, though.

The final part is to follow this twitter account from your original twitter account. For detailed presentation, watch this video:

Update: You can also use IFTTT to perform the same function.

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