Use Windows’ Inbuilt Tool to Capture your Screens with Comments

Windows has a secret inbuilt tool which lets you capture your computer screen every time you make an action, and saves the output into a file which can be easily sent to anyone.

17 Dec 14

Five Things You Never Knew Chrome Could do

Here are five things which Google Chrome could do that will make your life easier.

8 Dec 14

How to Use Facebook Chat without News Feed

Facebook News feed is distracting and Facebook Chat or Messaging isn’t available as a standalone site. This is how you separate both of them.

30 Nov 14

How to Be Productive and Remain Distraction Free

If you really need to get your work done, here are a few tips to being more productive and have a distraction free environment.

28 Nov 14

How to Prevent Other Websites from iframing your Website

Here is a detailed security measure on how to prevent other websites from using iframes to display your website, thereby decreasing your rankings.

27 Nov 14

Access Khan Academy Courses without an Internet Connection

Download the Entire Khan Academy Courses and access them, with the same online experience, without requiring an internet connection.

8 Nov 14

How to Send Secure and Encrypted Instant Messages

Send Secure Encrypted texts, audios and videos without anybody snooping, from your computer, tablet or phone, for free.

20 Oct 14

WordPress Alternatives : A list of Modern Blogging Platforms

Here is a list of top modern blogging platforms. Are they better and more feature rich than the aging WordPress platform?

13 Oct 14

Create a Heatmap from your Google Location Data

How to create a heat map from your previous visited locations using your location history from Google

9 Oct 14

How to Delete Any Online Account of Yours

If you are stuck not knowing how to delete an account you created on a website, here are a few ways to delete that account from that website.

9 Sep 14