21 Mar 2015

Forget Evernote, Use Cloud Storage to Take Notes Instead

After having my fair share of problems with Evernote, I have finally moved to an alternate. I have never been happier.

14 Mar 2015

Why I Moved to Jekyll from Wordpress

I recently moved from a self hosted wordpress blog to a Github hosted Jekyll blog. Here are the list of reasons why.

07 Feb 2015

Stream Music in Chrome without Any Restrictions

Streamus is an excellent extension to stream music within Google Chrome for free

09 Jan 2015

Check if your Website is Being Shared on Reddit

If you need to monitor your website's growth on Reddit, here is the most easiest way to check if your website is being shared on Reddit.

07 Jan 2015

Remove YouTube Comments and Replace it with Reddit

YouTube's comments are not what they used to be. You can replace them with comments from Reddit for the same video under multiple subreddits

31 Dec 2014

Keep your Footer up to date without Updating it Every Year

If you are a webmaster and if you have the current year displayed on your footer, here is a simple script to update your footer automatically every year

30 Dec 2014

The Best Ways to Read your eBooks

So you bought an ebook? Which is the most convenient way to read it? Here are some of the best ways to read your ebook, making it a better experience than reading a printed book.

17 Dec 2014

Use Windows' Inbuilt Tool to Capture your Screens with Comments

Windows has a secret inbuilt tool which lets you capture your computer screen every time you make an action, and saves the output into a file which can be easily sent to anyone.

08 Dec 2014

Five Things You Never Knew Chrome Could do

Here are five things which Google Chrome could do that will make your life easier.

30 Nov 2014

How to Use Facebook Chat without News Feed

Facebook News feed is distracting and Facebook Chat or Messaging isn't available as a standalone site. This is how you separate both of them.